Dr Euan McGregor is a Consultant Anaesthetist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. He provides the highest quality of safe medical care around the time of surgery. He has a specialist interest in anaesthesia for major vascular surgery but also enjoys providing anaesthesia for all surgical disciplines. 

Fees for anaesthetic services

This area can cause some confusion. If you are a self-pay patient, where you are given a quote for your entire package of care, then the fees for the surgeon, anaesthetist and the hospital are all taken care of. If you have private medical insurance then the fee due to the anaesthetist can be found either by consulting the fee schedule of the company on their website or by contacting your insurer. You will need to provide a CCSD code that your surgeon can provide for the specific procedure you are to undergo. For your convenience I have attached links to some of the private insurance providers below. 















Please contact me via the following e-mail if you have questions about your forthcoming anaesthetic or the fees for this.




I look forward to meeting you and taking care of you during your procedure.